Introducing Block Therapy

Welcome to Block Therapy! This is a fascia based system that teaches you how to become your own health care advocate.

Block Therapy is a therapy, exercise and meditation all built into one system that releases the restrictions in your fascia (connective tissue) to improve blood and oxygen flow to cells. We address issues such as chronic pain, cellulite, toxicity, stress and anxiety, as well as help you manage your size and shape to name a few of the benefits.


“Fascia Decompression is the missing link in self-care.”

 Deanna Hansen, Creator & Athletic Therapist

“Fascia is the tissue connecting every one of our hundred trillion cells, it is like a 3-dimensional fishnet.” It is made of elastin and collagen. Fascia covers every organ, muscle and nerve.

“Fascia tubules are hollow and filled with liquid, and they carry light. This means messages can travel through the fascia at the speed of light. This is incredibly important to understand for health.” Deanna Hansen

If fascia is cut through during operations and damaged due to injuries – adhesions are formed and blood flow slows down as does oxygen flow and then nutrient levels diminish in the area. When the fascia becomes thick or cold, transmissions are affected and a variety of issues in the human body can result.

By working with the fascia, where it has become adhered, frozen or sticky – Block Therapy puts back the space, therefore blood flow, back into areas of the body that are compressed.

Block Therapy treats pain, inflammation, poor posture, scoliosis, frozen and numb areas of the body, premature ageing, poor circulation and the list goes on and on. It is safe and easy for most people to learn, even children, and there is Chair Block Therapy for people who cannot get onto the ground.

Block Therapy can be incorporated into sitting at your desk at work, and you can wake up with Block Therapy by doing some positions whilst still in bed. It is therapy, exercise and meditation combined, it really is the missing link in health care. I love it because you learn to do it for your self and don’t need a therapist.  It also works brilliantly together with a detox program.  Block Therapy will detox you, emotionally and physically.

Miriam Young, Medical Herbalist, Quantum Counsellor

Block Therapy

Block Therapy Programs From Home

Block Therapy Starter Package

The introduction program to Block Therapy! This includes Introductory & Explanatory Videos, 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program, Introductory Positions & Descriptions, and  access to a 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial.

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Block Therapy SAMPLER Program

This is a stepping stone for those who want to sample the benefits of Block Therapy, without diving right in. There are 9 videos for $9.00.

The videos range between 8-20 minutes in length, and we combine blocking techniques using a rolled-up towel, as well as strengthening exercises to share the benefits of isometric training and foundation building.

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20 Minute Stress Reliever Video

This is a free 20 minute stress reliever video that will guide you through the Belly Position using a rolled up towel, how to breathe diaphragmatically as well as how to manage your stress and anxiety.

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Specific Health Issues

This links you to the Specific Health Issues page. You can select which issue you are wanting to address or learn how Block Therapy can help.

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Scoliosis Gone

Directed guidance and connection to Deanna to create in the moment programs to support individuals requiring a high level of personal interaction.

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Block Therapy Membership

This link will bring you to the Block Therapy Membership page. This will give you a breakdown of what is included in the Block Therapy Membership and the options to join.

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Block Therapy University

Block Therapy University sales page for Block Therapy Instructors, Block Therapists and Block for Bodyworkers.

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“If tissue can be reactivated, then ageing is only a function of compression.  If tissue can decompress and resume flow, then ageing as we know it, is dead!”   Deanna Hansen

Block Therapy

Block Therapy

Block Therapy