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Essiac Tincture


Essiac tincture (more potent and easier than the tea) is now available right here in Brisbane, Australia at Detox4Life.  118mls


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Famous Canadian Formula (Enough for 100 cups of tea) – 4oz. The Essiac formula actually originated with an “Ojibwa Indian medicine man.” He called the herbal mix “The holy drink that would purify the body and put you back in balance with the great spirit”.  As a result Essiac is frequently used for its natural antioxidant properties.

Essiac Tinture contains the original Proprietary Blend – Sheep Sorrel, Burdock, Slippery Elm and Turkey Red Rhubarb.  This product contains small traces of alcohol.

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Essiac Antioxidant Properties

An antioxidant is a substance that prevents the generation and actions of free radicals, which are harmful by products produced by the body during the breakdown of food for energy or when the body is exposed to environmental toxins, such as tobacco smoke, air pollution, or radiation.  Antioxidants are an important way to assist the body to remove free radicals.  Free radicals leads to cellular damage.

Essiac has a several-times greater antioxidant activity than known antioxidants such as red wine, green tea, black tea, and cocoa. These antioxidant effects are likely related to Essiac’s reported usefulness.

Essiac Immune Booster properties

Your body’s immune system acts as a defense against infection and disease.  Another well-promoted use of Essiac is as an immune system strengthener.

The research study previously mentioned also examined the immune strengthening effects of Essiac.

Due to the unique properties of the individual herbs in Essiac, in addition to the enhanced properties when the herbs are mixed together in the correct concentrations, Essiac tea or tincture benefits the body in many ways, including notable antioxidant and immune strengthening properties, both of which are valuable in the therapy of a myriad of health conditions.

Individual Essiac Herb Properties

Through the years, countless physicians including Dr. Charles Brusch have supported Caisse’s herbal remedy.  Much has been said about the potential health benefits of Essiac and we encourage you to do your own reasearch and if neccessary talk with your health physician.

Burdock has been found to support bile production and liver functions, and is used as a tonic, blood purifier and cleanser.

Turkey rhubarb root is well known as an astringent and supports bowel regularity; it is an effective tonic to support the digestive system and assists the body to remove debris.

Sheep sorrel is known by herbalist to sharpen the appetite, cool the liver, and strengthen the heart.

Slippery elm is known as a natural stomach remedy and wound healer; it supports healing to the mucous membrane of the entire digestive tract

Why a Tincture Form?

Essiac tea is available in three forms, raw herb, capsules and tinctures.  The reason we and the manufacturer believe the tincture form is superior is the fact that boiling the raw herb in water reduces the potency of the herb by aproximately 20%.  As a tincture the herbs are broken down by distilled water and no heat whatsoever is applied, thus preserving the herbs potency.

Medical studies have proven liquid extracts have faster absortion rates of 22 to 30 seconds and 85 – 90% of the herb is absorbed and don’t require digestion. Moreover, capsules have been demonstrated to only absorb 10 – 20%.

To make essiac tea from its raw state takes aproximately 13 hours to make a 2 week supply, which for some people it is not practical.  In a tincture form you simply apply a few drops under the toungue or in a drink and you are done….it’s that simple


Essiac Tincture is a blend of the following herbs:  Burdock, Sheep sorrel (aerial portion), Slippery elm (inner bark), Rhubarb Root.

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