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Fullhealth Colloidal Chromium



Chromium is known to aid sugar and carbohydrate metabolism, activating phospho-glucosonetase and other enzymes and is tightly associated with GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor). Chromium also has a synergy with Vitamin B3.

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Sub-micron filtered, de-gassed and de-ionised water with 80mg/l Chromium Colloid contains 400mcg of Chronium Picolinate yielding 50mcg of Elemental Chromium.

Features and Benefits

Chromium in the trivalent form is an essential nutrient. It helps metabolise complex carbohydrates (sugars) and cholesterol. Chromium is able to stimulate and increase the scavenging of LDL (low density lippoproteins). It can help lower total blood cholesterol levels by preventing cholesterol accumulation in arteries. But chromium is also able to improve the HDL/LDL ratio by increasing HD levels. In addition, animals and humans alike require chromium to control blood-sugar levels. Indeed, chromium helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Chromium, like so many trace-minerals, has disappeared from our diets. Even if chromium was replenished as an artificial soil fertilizer, excessive processing would ensure most would not receive it anyway. Additionally, the diet most of us consume, whether through choice, convenience, or as a consequence of saturation advertising ensures a nutritional demand or crying out for chromium by our body that most of us do not recognize. As we age the amount of chromium stored in the body declines. Exercising uses up chromium stores and those who exercise harder metabolise even more. Chromium increase the metabolic rate in our bodies and therefore may assist in the metabolism of carbohydrates (sugars) Chromium assists in facilitating the transport of amino acids into muscles to help build new tissue.

Colloids, by nature, are extremely small particles and as cellular nutrition occurs at the colloidal level, the absorption and utilization of the chromium is enhanced. Fulhealth have here a true colloid of chromium without any additives or solvents.