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Detox4Life is excited to announce that IntraCal is available to order right here in Australia! Simply order IntraCal in Australia and it will be shipped out from Brisbane, Queensland, Express.

IntraCal is the best and most bioavailable calcium supplement available. It’s is a highly advanced combination of Calcium Orotate and Magnesium Orotate that’s easily absorbable and promotes bone and skeletal health.

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Dr. Hans Nieper, a physician and experimenter, believed minerals in an orotate form pass through cell membranes easily without breaking apart and reach the areas where it’s needed most. The unique molecular structure of calcium orotate is able to penetrate bones, cartilage, and other tissue to act as a superior mineral transporter.

Dr. Hans Nieper’s explanations rely heavily on a theory called “fixed pore mechanism,” which suggests attaching a carrier molecule, Orotic Acid (B-13), to the compound being transported. This research has inspired the creation of mineral chelates called orotic acid chelates (or orotates) which offer a 20-fold increase in mineral utilization.

Dr. Nieper often combined magnesium orotate with calcium orotate to achieve optimal effect. Magnesium orotate acts as a “transporter” to help push calcium more efficiently through your cells so it can reach bones, brain, and the cardiovascular system. Magnesium promotes the proper absorption of calcium by your bones and is vitally important for a healthy cardiovascular system.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Calcium

1. Healthy Bones and Teeth

Your bones and teeth give your body structure, protect your organs, anchor your muscles, and much more. Getting enough calcium, along with physical activity and weight training, helps your body build strong bones, promotes normal bone mass, and increases your likelihood of experiencing good health.

2. Cardiovascular Health

Most calcium goes to bones

and teeth and a small but necessary amount plays an important role in other functions such as nerve transmission and muscular function. Adequate calcium supports cardiovascular health and normal blood pressure.

3. Promotes an Alkaline State

Calcium is one of the major elements used in maintaining your blood’s pH levels and promotes an alkaline state to encourage good health.

4. Fulfills Nutritional Requirements

Calcium is available in food but if your diet isn’t always perfectly balanced, you might not be getting all the calcium you need. An effective and high quality calcium supplement like IntraCal bridges the gap between your body’s calcium needs and your dietary calcium intake.

5. You Have An Extra Need for Calcium

Are you at or approaching middle age? Do you have other health concerns that require you to be more vigilant about your calcium intake? Are you pregnant or nursing? There are many common situations where adequate calcium is absolutely vital.

Shocking Statistics about Calcium

  • A 2001 study from Creighton University found that drinking soda causes the loss of large amounts of calcium.
  • Women tend to lose bone density at age 35, women and men are both at risk for calcium depletion after age 50.
  • Toxic metal and radiation exposure increases the need for calcium.
  • Calcium deficiency can lead to bone diseases.
  • The Journal of the American Medical Association recommends boosting calcium intake during pregnancy.
  • Prescription drugs, including antidepressants and birth control, are notorious for lowering calcium levels.
  • Postmenopausal women lose from 3%-5% of their bone mass every year.
  • A Tufts University report found that regularly drinking soda led to reduced bone density.
  • Chemotherapy negatively impacts minerals levels in the body, especially calcium.
  • Extreme calcium deficiency can lead to humped spines, scoliosis, rounded shoulders and a reduction in height.

What are the Health Benefits of IntraCal?

  • Provides superior calcium in an ultra absorbable form.
  • Efficiently transports usable calcium to your bones.
  • Calcium orotate is more effective than other calcium salts.
  • Contains magnesium orotate to promote absorption and support the nervous system and heart health.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Contains no GMO’s, toxins, or gluten! Vegan safe!

We Asked Our Customers What They Like About IntraCal

  • “IntraCal is by far the best calcium supplement I have ever used, and I have tried many! It is the only one that has caused me to notice a definite change in my nails, and all over well-being of my body. I have never “endorsed” a product by anyone, but I must say that the quality of IntraCal (and the other products I have tried from Global Healing Center) are worth every penny.” † ~Pat T.
  • “IntraCal would be my #1 can’t live without dietary supplement ! I have been taking IntraCal for close to two years now and it’s one of the main supplements” † ~J.C.
  • “It is the best calcium supplement I have ever tried. I can tell within ten minutes, how much calcium is absorbed because I do not have parathyroid glands. Over the past eighteen years, I have tried at least fifteen different brands of calcium.” † ~Hindy

Why Is IntraCal the Best Calcium Supplement Available?

  • Calcium orotate is the most absorbable form of calcium.
  • Magnesium orotate maximizes absorption.
  • Made in the USA using eco-friendly sustainable manufacturing.
  • Never tested on animals.
  • Vegan friendly and GMO free.
  • IntraCal comes with a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Top 3 Questions People ask about IntraCal

1. How does calcium orotate differ from other forms of calcium? It’s estimated that just 9% of traditional calcium supplements are absorbed, meaning 91% is flushed away! IntraCal is different because it’s highly absorbable! IntraCal contains calcium orotate and can penetrate into bones, cartilage, and other tissue more effectively than other forms of calcium to promote skeletal calcification.

2. How much calcium do I need? In general, adults and teenagers can take 800 to 1500 milligrams (mg) per day. Women who are pregnant and breast-feeding need more calcium, up to 1200 mg per day. Children ages 4 to 10 should take 800 mg per day. For calcium deficiency, servings vary according to individual need.

3. What’s the best ratio of magnesium and calcium? Calcium and magnesium is a dynamic duo that helps bone health and the nervous system. Magnesium keeps too much calcium from entering the nerve cell, overloading the system and hyper-activating the nerve. Without magnesium, the nerves become over-activated, over-contracted and tense. While most combinations include a 2:1 calcium:magnesium ratio, 1:1 to 4:1 are also common. The goal is to promote good absorption and, for that, IntraCal contains a 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium orotate.

Additional Tips for Best Results

  • Take with meals.
  • Get adequate vitamin D to promote efficient calcium absorption.
  • Exercise daily to complement calcium supplementation and support skeletal health.
  • Avoid caffeine, chocolate, coffee, alcohol and sugar, they inhibit calcium absorption.
  • Space your calcium intake throughout the day.

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