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Motion Potion


250g Motion Potion – The Number one Bowel Food Supplement

Motion Potion is a nutritional bowel food, containing herbs and Pre & Pro Biotic, so much more than fibre.  With any digestive treatment, the more strains of probiotics the better, and Motion Potion contains 16 strains beneficial bacteria! 

Motion Potion is a Naturopathically formulated fibre and nutrient rich powder drink. It contains beneficial fibres (both soluble and insoluble), cereal grasses, friendly bacteria and other nutrient dense foods. Motion Potion is a complete bowel food.

Motion Potion forms a soft, slippery, pleasant tasting gel when mixed with water or juice that is gentle on the sensitive walls of the digestive tract Motion Potion is suitable for pregnant and lactating women and is gluten free.

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