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Skin, Hair & Nails Original Silica


100 hard Capsules 

Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails ORIGINAL Silica Capsules offer a convenient form of mineral silica required for normal growth and functioning of connective tissue, hair, skin, nails, and joint cartilage.

Silica also helps to boot out the heavy metal, aluminium out of your body.  Aluminium blocks the receptor site of silica, high dosing with silica eliminates over time Aluminium Toxicity.   Find out if heavy metals are a problem for you with the Oligoscan.

Silica can also help to support and maintain strong bones and teeth by playing a role in the metabolism of calcium in the body.

FREE FROM Gluten, Yeast, Dairy & Soy


Active ingredient per hard capsule: Silica – colloidal anhydrous 280 mg (Equivalent to silicon 130.76 mg)

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