Candida Cleanse Program

Candida albicans is a naturally occurring micro-organism found in our gastro-intestinal tract. If we eat a lot sugar or dried fruit, have taken antibiotics recently, or have gut problems, this micro-organism may multiply in the gut, causing havoc in our system.

About the Program

Who Could Benefit From This Program?

Anyone wishing to remain healthy and to become healthier!

This detox program may help you if you suffer from:

  • Reproductive disorders – Thrush, vaginal itching, hormonal imbalances, infertility, period pain, endometriosis, pre-menstrual tension and irritability.
  • Digestive disorders – Abdominal distension and/or discomfort, diarrhoea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, poor appetite, belching, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, heartburn or gastric reflux, food cravings, food allergies, pancreatitis, bitter taste in the mouth.
  • Chronic states – chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic headaches
  • Skin conditions – Acne, cystic acne, rashes
  • Immunity dysfunction – Continual colds/flues, not being able to shake a current infection.
  • Emotional – frustration, fluctuation of mental state, irritability, moodiness, dis-satisfaction, melancholy, depression, generally negative, inability to think straight, fuzzy head in the mornings, lack of joy, sugar cravings.

How Long Does The Candida Cleanse Take?

The Candida Cleanse goes for 6 weeks. Many people however, need to undertake the Candida Cleanse for 8-12 weeks before all symptoms dissipate – a 6 x week cleanses however a fantastic place to start.

What Products Will I Need To Complete This Cleanse?

What does the Candida Cleanse involve?


  1. Drink 3-500mls of pure filtered or spring water (with nothing in it). Wait 5 minutes
  2. Take 10mls of Colloidal Minerals and 8 tablets of Spirulina. Wait 5 minutes
  3. Take 5mls Canda Plex* in a small amount of water or juice with 2 x capsules of Vitaklenz
  4. Eat Breakfast

*If you have never taken Spirulina before, start by taking 2 tablets of Spirulina, and then the next day take 3 tablets, the next day take 4 tablets, until you are taking 8 tablets of Spirulina. Stick with 8 tablets per day. 


  1. Take 5mls Canda Plex* in a small amount water or juice with 2 x Vitaklenz
  2. Eat Dinner
  3. *After 1-2 weeks, up the dose of Canda Plex to 7.5mls 2 x per day.
  4. Take 2 x Latero-Flora before bed.  (They can sit on your bedside table, as they do not need to be refrigerated).

Specific Foods For The Candida Cleanse

  • Raw Garlic – chop up one clove and swallow with water like mini tablets before meals
  • Onions
  • Cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Turmeric
  • Lemon and lime
  • Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Coconut Oil

What Can I Expect During The Candida Cleanse Program?

Each individual will respond differently to the program. ‘The Healing’ Crisis is often referred to as a stage where a person, undertaking a detox program may feel worse, before they feel better.

This may last for a couple of hours or a couple of days, sometimes it may last a week or longer.  The Healing Crisis may be emotional and/or physical.  The sign your body is healing may include:

  • Irritability, having a short fuse, anger, frustration
  • head aches – forehead, behind eyes, temples
  • aching joints, fatigue
  • skin eruptions
  • loose bowel motions

What diet do you recommend whilst I am on this Program?

The Detox 4 Life Diet.

What Can I Do To Help Myself Through The Healing Crisis Transition?

  • Take regular short cold showers, the more the better
  • Allow yourself to rest and sleep for longer periods
  • Be in nature – go for short walks, gentle swims, Chi Gong and/or Yoga
  • Take time out from visits to the gym, jogging or excessive exercise

What Next?

Keep taking your Fulhealth Industries Colloidal Minerals, and keep taking your Spirulina – Colloidal Minerals are your plant-based multi-mineral and your Spirulina or other green super food is your multi-vitamin.

For optimal health, you can take them every day for the rest of your life.

Take 7.5mls of Immune Plex before breakfast and dinner as an herbal tonic to boost your immune system and strengthen your internal organs

Keep taking the Latero-Flora, 2 x before bed for another 2 x weeks.

You may also like to undertake a Detox 4 Life Colon Cleanse.

You may also like to undertake the Detox4Life Diet.

How Often Should I Undertake the Candida Cleanse Program?

This would depend on experienced symptoms; if you have a pre-disposition to Candida, or excess fungus in your digestive system, you may like to undertake this cleanse 1-2 x per year.