Kidney Cleanse Program

The kidneys are definitely the most hard working and sensitive organ of your body.

Whatever the liver lets go of in terms of toxicity and emotions, has also to go via the kidneys on its exit out of the body. It makes sense then that you start your cleansing journey with this Kidney Cleanse Program.

Seek the guidance of your preferred health care professional if you are unsure of the relevance of any detox or cleansing program. If you have a serious health complaint you may like to undertake the Kidney Cleanse Program for 6-8 weeks or longer. Again seek guidance.

About the Program

Who Could Benefit From This Program?

Anyone wishing to remain healthy and to become healthier!

This detox program may help you if you suffer from:

  • Hair Loss
  • Premature ageing
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee, hip problems
  • Tinnitus, ear problems
  • Urinary and reproductive imbalances, infertility
  • Period pain, gynecological complaints
  • Enlarged prostate, frequent or urgent urination
  • Anxiety, fear
  • Low energy from over-work or excessive fear
  • Kidney crystal formation
  • Asthmatics and people with other lung issues will often benefit from a kidney detox

How Long Does The Kidney Cleanse Take?

The Kidney Cleanse goes for 4 weeks. However you may take the products for longer.

What Products Will I Need To Complete This Cleanse?

You will also need

  • 12-18 large beetroot, or whole unhusked barley (organic if available)

What does the Kidney Cleanse involve?


  1. Drink 4-500mls of pure filtered or spring water (with nothing in it)
  2. Take 10mls of Colloidal Minerals and **2-8 tablets of Spirulina
  3. Wait 5 minutes
  4. Take 7.5mls Fluid Plex* in a small amount of water or juice away from breakfast
  5. Wait 20 minutes (or longer) then eat breakfast


  1. Take 7.5mls Fluid Plex* in a small amount water or juice
  2. Wait 20 minutes (or longer) and then eat dinner

*Start by taking 2 tablets of Spirulina and then the next day take 3 tablets, the next day take 4 tablets, until you are taking 8 tablets of Spirulina. Stick with 8 tablets per day. 


What Can I Expect During The Kidney Cleanse Program?

Each individual will respond differently to the program. ‘The Healing’ Crisis is often referred to as a stage where a person, undertaking a detox program may feel worse, before they feel better.

This may last for a couple of hours or a couple of days, sometimes it may last a week or longer. The Healing Crisis may be emotional and/or physical.

Signs that your body is healing may include

  • Increased urination
  • Irritability, upset, anxiety, generally emotional
  • head aches – often back of head, neck (but may be forehead)
  • lower back aching, knees, hips aching
  • skin eruptions

What Can I Do To Help Myself Through The Healing Crisis Transition?

  • Take regular short cold showers, the more often the better
  • Allow yourself to rest and sleep for longer periods
  • Be in nature – go for short walks, gentle swims, Chi Gong and/or Yoga
  • Take time out from visits to the gym, jogging or excessive exercise

During Week One: Drink beetroot water.

Beetroot water is recommended as it has a stronger detoxifying effect on the kidneys than the barley water. However, the barley water is an effective alternative if you do not like beetroot or are unable to obtain fresh beetroot.

Beetroot Water

Drinking the water from simmered beetroot actually starts to dissolve crystal and stone formation in the kidneys.

Depending on the health of a person and their long-term dietary habits, this simple cleanse can be very powerful. Headaches and mild nausea can be all part of what is known as a ‘healing crisis’ and will soon pass as the toxins come out of the system.

Beetroot also purifies the blood as well as the liver and encourages peristaltic action in the intestines.

You will probably need 2-3 batches of beetroot water to complete the seven days.

Wash six medium beetroot and cut the top and tail off them – you do not need to chop them up (old German recipe). Always use organic produce where available.

Put the beetroot in 2-3 litres of boiling water and simmer for one hour, with the lid on. Allow to cool with the lid on for at least an hour, leaving the beetroot in the pan. When cooled remove the beetroot and store the liquid in the fridge.

You may eat the beetroot if you like, but most of the nutrients will be in the water.

Drink one to four cups per day (starting gradually) for seven days. The liquid may be drunk hot or at room temperature. Store the beetroot water in the fridge, however, do not drink at fridge temperature; we recommend you add some hot water from the kettle, before drinking.

This cleanse may be adapted to suit you individually. Perhaps if you have time off work and really want to go for it, you may like to drink four cups per day.

If you have a busy schedule, perhaps you can drink one cup when you first wake up in the morning and one cup just before you go to bed.

If you are over seventy, very sick or toxic, or have a history of diagnosed kidney stones, or kidney disease, it is advisable to take only one cup of the beetroot liquid per day, preferably first thing in the morning. In this case, the beetroot liquid must be taken for at least ten days.

Barley Water

This is an alternative to the taking the beetroot water.

Use pot barley (preferably organic), although pearl barley will do in an emergency. Combine 1 cup of barley add 5-8 cups of spring water.

You can soak overnight, but this is not essential. Add 1 stick of cinnamon and simmer for 20 minutes, strain immediately and cool. Always strain the barley water immediately, because as the broth cools, the barley re-absorbs the water and you will be left with very little resulting liquid.

When the barley water is cool it is optional to add the juice of 1 to 2 lemons and some grated ginger. You can re-use the barley with a little less water.

What Next?

Keep taking your Full Helath Industries Colloidal Minerals, and keep taking your green food supplement – Colloidal Minerals are your plant-based multi-mineral and your Spirulina as your multi-vitamin.

You may take them everyday for the rest of your life.

Take 7.5mls of Immune Plex before breakfast and dinner as an herbal tonic to boost your immune system and strengthen your internal organs.

You may also like to undertake a Detox 4 Life Colon Cleanse or Gentle Liver Cleanse.

You may also like to undertake the Detox4Life Diet.

How Often Should I Cleanse My Kidneys?

To keep you healthy and as a preventative health measure Detox 4 Life recommends that you cleanse your kidneys at least once or twice per year.