The OligoScan

The Oligoscan uses light spectrometry to determine levels of stored heavy metals as well as your cellular mineral deficiencies. The Oligoscan is performed face-to-face In clinic. The test itself costs $135.00.


The OligoScan test is a non-invasive test, able to perform quick and precise analysis of the minerals and heavy metals in the tissues of the patient.

The OligoScan uses spectrophotometry, a method to measure how much chemical substance absorbs light, to get a reading of the trace elements in the tissue of the patient.

The Oligoscan requires no injections or blood taking, it is pain free and provides on the spot results.

It is significantly faster and more accurate than assessing urine or blood samples. An OligoScan can highlight issues that a normal blood test cannot.

The OligoScan Heavy Mineral and Mineral Testing is $225.00

This includes the test fee itself as well as a 30 minute consultation to conduct the test, review the results and make recommendations.

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