100% Health On-Line Program with Miriam Young Medical Herbalist & Counsellor

If you haven’t got your health, what have you got?
The reason why many people give up on their new health program, diet, detox, change of life resolution etc is due to lack of support.  Miriam Young’s carefully designed ‘100% Health On-Line’ Program is a step-by-step guide to address your health concerns, with all the support, care and attention that you need to truly heal.
We all want 100% health, however if all elements of your life aren’t working for you, then this will be hard to achieve. From what is on your grocery list, when and how you exercise, your belief systems, to how you feel about your career, relationships and living situation, all these elements affect health.
The ‘100% Health On-Line’ program, focuses on a series of skype consultations.  The complete program will usually include detoxification, as we will be targeting your primary health complaint.  And we will allow the dis-ease in your body to be our guide in terms of what you need to truly heal.  If you have no specific health complaint, but realise you are not experiencing 100% health, you are also welcome to complete this program in order to revitalise and prevent dis-ease.  Here is the package outline, however we can tailor to suit…

Week One – One Hour – Your Health & Well-Being, Family Health History, Dietary Advice, Assessment and Health Analysis Given, Program Outline, Herbal Prescription & Supplements, Express Posted.

Week Two – Half Hour- Sticking to the Program, Counselling & Support, Understanding the ‘Healing Crisis’

Week Three – Half Hour – Sticking to the Program, Counselling & Support, Making your program more powerful.

Week Four – Half Hour – Sticking to the Program, Counselling & Support, Acknowledging how far you have come

Week Five – One Hour – Where to from here? – Nourishment, Maintenance, and Wellness.  Further detox and/or support

Value  – $620    *Special Offer – Enroll in May 2015 – $580*
*This special offer also includes, Handouts, Supporting Documentation, Private Face Book Group and/or Supporting emails, with questions and answers in between our meetings.

Further information on Miriam Young’s 100% Health On-Line Program…

Primary Health Complaint – Understanding why you became unwell in the first place is important in order to heal.  Specific herbal formulations will be prepared in order to treat the exact condition that your present with.  The health of the underlying organs will also be addressed.  From constipation to cancer from hot flushes to arthritis, is there a pattern to your health condition(s), is there an underlying cause?

Digestive Heath – The importance of digestive health has long been recognised and recent scientific advancements are bringing to light a new understanding of the complex inter-relationship between harmful and healthy microbes and our whole health.  Let’s get your digestive system functioning optiminally!   We are what we eat, but most importantly, what we absorb.

Hormonal Health – The liver recycles our hormones.  How well is your liver working?  Does your menstrual or menopausal symptoms need addressing?  Herbal Medicine is the absolute key healing modality to regulate hormonal health.

Energy Levels – Our energy levels can be linked into our emotional health, the contents of our fridge, nutritional deficiencies and how well our immune system is functioning.  There are so many ways to improve our energy levels, Miriam Young has many tools up her sleeve!

Health of the Internal Organs – The kidneys govern our blood pressure, hearing, reproductive health and fluid balance in the body.  Our liver governs our rate of metabolism, fat removal, joint health, digestion and eye sight, to name but a few.  How healthy are your internal organs?

Achieving Wellness – Family History is important when addressing the holistic health of a person.  For example, if your mother, auntie, sister etc have experienced breast or bowel cancer, then holistic and life style changes need to be taken in order to prevent this distortion from repeating inside of your cells.  We will work together to change your cellular health.

Dietary Advice – There are only two forms of dis-ease, toxicity and nutritional deficiency.  The food that you eat, or don’t eat can heal and change so much in your life.

Emotional – When we get upset emotionally, we get loose bowl motions.  When we are stressed at work and not coping with the pressure, our blood pressure rises.  When we are rigid in our thinking, this will be reflected in our joints and mobility in our body.  There is no denying it, our emotions are reflected into our physical body and will not disperse until these emotions are realised and expressed.  This is a truly holistic 5 weeks you will spend in the care of Miriam Young.

*This service is also available Internationally, as well as face to face for those local.
*The package does not include cost of herbal medicines or supplements.  2 weeks worth of herbal medicines cost $50.00.
*Health Rebates available. (Australia)

Who is Miriam Young?  As a Medical Herbalist, Miriam uses plant medicines from all over the world in order to activate the bodies own healing mechanisms in order to heal itself. Herbal medicine can be used both allopathically (treating the symptoms) and homoeopathically (treating the cause). Miriam uses both healing systems in her practice, often simultaneously, gaining significant outcomes within her patients.  Miriam is the creator of the detox4life website and the Detox4Life Programs.  She has created these programs after 19 years of clinical experience.   Miriam has a natural ability to look very deeply into a person, to the root emotional cause of their physical complaints. Miriam is also a Holistic Counsellor, a practitioner of Natural Fertility Management and Aromatherapist.  Miriam is qualified in Feng Shui, Chi Gong, and Dynamic Energy Healing.