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From my clinical experience, there are three major reasons why we crave food that is ‘bad’ for us…

  1. An excess of Candida albicans (fungus) in the digestive system.
  2. Emotional eating/comfort eating.
  3. Mineral deficiencies.

1.  If you have a coated yellow/cream tongue, bad breath, a fuzzy head in the morning, PMS, and/or digestive disturbance, you may have an excess of Candida or fungus in your system.   You may like to take Canda Plex.

2. There is also a strong emotional reason why we can reach for a chocolate bar at the end of a stressful day etc, especially if there is not enough sweetness in our lives.  Many people are in jobs and relationships that do not make them happy.  Detox4Life recommends that you read Mike Robinson’s True Dynamics of Relationships.

3.  When a person is mineral deficient, it is often not just one mineral they are deficient in, but many.  In Australia, the soil is mineral-deficient particularly in selenium, zinc and magnesium.  Fulhelath Industries Colloidal Minerals contain over 70 different minerals and trace elements, come from plants (not synthesised in a laboratory) and are microscopic.  This means that they are able to travel into the body via the sublingual (under the tongue) circulation, straight into the blood and straight into the cells.  They are particularly good for that very toxic body that often has poor levels of absorption.  Minerals are catalysts for every biological reaction that happen in the body and when we do not have enough of them we become tired and drained.  Mineral deficiencies can be linked to most disease states known to man.  Minerals not only help to pick up our energy levels, but also greatly reduce, and often completely take away those cravings, thereby making fasting so much easier!  Take an extra dose of mineral colloidals, it will soon pass.

To find out more read Miriam Young’s Coffee Craze article

It is possible that you may experience nausea, headaches, muscle aching, skin rashes and/or irritability/sadness during a detox program. 

Feeling sick is not such a bad thing in the big picture of things.  It is normal and a very good sign that the detox is working for you and toxins are coming out of your body.

Mostly this experience is only mild, but at times, it can be a little more intense.  When the ‘healing crisis’ has passed, you will feel grateful as to how much better you feel!  Take plenty of short cold showers, get plenty of sleep and relaxation and take time to be in nature.

You may also like to reduce the dose of herbal medicine you are taking for 1-2 days; and then continue with the recommended dose according to the detox program.

As a Medical Herbalist with over 15 years experience I know that it is important to achieve a therapeutic dose for a person when they take herbal medicine.

I have been prescribing 7.5mls 2-3 x per day during this time and found that the results speak for themselves.

If however you have never taken herbal medicines previously, start on a lower dose, i.e. what is recommended on the bottle, and build up gradually over 2-3 weeks from there to the recommended dose stated on the relevant Detox4Life program.

Generally speaking, if you are over-weight, you will lose weight during this cleanse.

There are however, no promises or guarantees. It very much depends on the constitution of a person and the emotional reasons a person is carrying excess weight in the first place and whether or not they swing back to old patterns, after the detox program has been completed.

Detoxifying your body is a very natural and very powerful way to loose weight. It is not a quick fix and has no adverse affects upon your health. Many people do lose weight, and also feel generally healthier, lighter and experience greater levels of energy.

It is often not only fat that you will be losing, but also old poo (mucoid plaque) as well, which has been sitting in the small and large intestines, producing kilos in weight, as well as stretching the intestines, producing those bulging tummies!

Thin people, who undertake the Colon Cleanse Program ‘Sluggish’, may lose weight initially, but quickly regain it quickly within two to four weeks as absorption levels are greatly improved.

This is due to the fact that the mucoid plaque in the intestines has been eliminated and the body can actually absorb the food that it has ingested.

As the liver is the only organ that is responsible for pumping actual fat out of the body, improving the function of the liver with a cleanse program such as this one, often means they will lose weight.

This is a gentle and gradual process, a far healthier way to lose weight than a strict calorie controlled diet regime.

Yes it is normal for your kidneys to ache whilst on this program, it means your kidneys are indeed detoxing!

Make sure you drink plenty of pure water. And drink fresh ginger root tea. (Take a thumb nail size of the root and chop it up, pop it into a mug and pour boiling water over the top).

You may like to reduce the beetroot water to just one cup per day. You may like to reduce the Fluid Plex to just 7.5mls once per day, until the uncomfortable feeling has passed and then up it once again to 7.5mls 2 x per day.

Take regular 30 second cold showers (before a warm one) this will move the toxins and reduce the ache substantially. Take at least 3 x short cold showers per day, prior to your hot one.

You will notice the difference. Try sleeping with a hot water bottle at night, if you are detoxing your kidneys during winter, and always keep your kidneys warm.