Infertility occurs equally amongst men as it does women.  Currently one in six couples is infertile, one woman in five will suffer a miscarriage and one child in ten suffers from learning difficulties.

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Miriam Young is trained in Natural Fertility Management, and focuses on a specialised program for preconception health for both aspiring parents.

The approach focuses on optimising health before conception occurs to optimise your chances of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.


The approach focuses on optimising health before conception occurs to optimise your chances of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.


Blood and urine testing are used to assist with the natural treatment of the individual to get a full picture of any underlying pathology that needs to be treated.


A stressed woman may often skip ovulation altogether and stress, including over-work can cause havoc with fragile sperm counts.  Exercise helps to reduce stress, even if it is only walking for 20 minutes per day,  Herbal and nutritional medicine are powerful tools used to reduce stress and adrenal fatigue.


Detoxification programs are essential, and often much needed lifestyle changes, to improve general health and treat under-lying health concerns.

Your job and/or hobbies and where you live as well as the food and water you consume are all worth addressing in terms of toxic accumulation.

Hairdressers may experience day-to-day exposure to hair products, bleaches and dyes, gardeners to insecticides and fertilizers.  Builders and trades people such as plumbers are often high in heavy metals, which can affect their overall health as well as the health of their sperm.

By detoxing and preparing your body, you have a much higher chance of experiencing a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth, baby and your chances of experiencing post natal depression are also greatly reduced.

Hormones and Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is not only used to detoxify, but can be implemented to balance hormones, assist ovulation, normalise menstruation, reduce PMS, promote fertile mucus, destroy candida, increase sperm count, increase libido, tone the mucous membranes, build the uterus, strengthen the immune system, alleviate constipation, heal digestion, reduce anxiety as well as depression to name but a few.

Endometriosis, Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease and fibroids can be resolved with herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and a powerful ‘miracle enzyme’.

A woman’s chances of conception is greatly increased, when they ovulate between days 12-14 of their cycle and if they experience ‘egg white’, increasing vaginal mucus at the same time.  Herbal medicine is paramount at optimising these signs and symptoms.


If you and your partner have failed to conceive after one year, you have had all the physical examinations etc done and come up perfectly healthy, then you need to look at the emotional causes of your infertility.

When you have a baby, in a sense you have to re-live your childhood.  Sometimes a woman or a man’s childhood may have been so traumatic, that on a subconscious level they will block conception as they simply do not want to re-live it.

Miriam Young is a trained counsellor, uses emotional release techniques and healing, which free emotional and therefore physical blockages.

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