I am so grateful to have found Miriam Young & Detox4Life.

Approximately a year ago, I had open heart surgery & was put on a cocktail of medications.

I was having a bad reaction to one of the medications in particular & was suffering significant inflammation in my liver & spleen, so much so, that I had to sit bolt upright & couldn’t bend forward without feeling sick. My kidneys were also stressed from one of the medications.

Miriam also picked up that my heart was also not healing properly following the surgery, so she put me on a special herbal formula to heal & strengthen my heart & kidneys & to help reduce the inflammation from the medications.

Within a couple of weeks, I was feeling better & my heart was feeling much stronger. Since taking Miriam’s herbs, I have been able to get off my blood pressure medication & reduce by half, the other medications.

I recently went back to the heart surgeon for my yearly ultrasound & ECG check-up & the doctors were really amazed at how well my heart had healed & repaired. My heart muscle had completely rebuilt itself & was back to normal & the flow through pump volume of blood through my heart, was also back to normal range for healthy people.

The improvement to my heart health was so profound, that the doctor asked me “What do you do?”

Thank you so much Miriam, Ajara

My life has changed significantly since seeing the lovely Miriam for treatment.

I suffered excruciating period pain since I was a teenager and this has been the case for as long as I can remember.

After 3 visits, I am so relieved and amazed to say that I am now pain free in relation to my monthly cycle. I am astounded by the difference from my first consultation, until now.

My periods would usually be very painful, lasting around for 5-7 days, now they are completed within 3 days. No pain, no cramping, no lower back issues, no mental craziness – ALL GONE! I honestly never thought this would be possible. I am beyond grateful everyday for Miriam!

I found someone who helped me heal my body, the right way with the most divine guidance. Miriam is a true healer, with the purest of intentions. From the moment you first meet Miriam, you feel her warmth, kindness and genuineness. She is extremely dedicated to helping you heal whatever health concerns you have.

Seeing Miriam has been, by far, the best investment into my health & happiness. 

Forever grateful – Natasha