The Benefits of Menopause Fat

11 April 2024

THE BENEFITS OF MENOPAUSE FAT It’s good to be a little Fatter… When you’re Menopausal…  No Longer Skinny  For most of my life I had always been a bit skinny and never ever had to watch what I ate, or when I ate it.   And exercise, well I could take it or leave it … Read More

Adrenal Burnout Solved With Miriam Young

28 November 2023

Adrenal Burnout Solved with Miriam Young, Medical Herbalist In the face of year-end burnout and exhaustion, Miriam Young, the guiding force behind Detox4Life, provides a unique approach to rejuvenating vitality. Specialising in adrenal and thyroid health, Miriam employs advanced diagnostics like the Oligoscan to uncover a comprehensive picture of heavy metals, your mineral levels as … Read More

Food Compatibility Program – Exclusive Offer on Personalised Nutrition Plan with Dr. Miriam Young

20 November 2023

Food Compatibility Program – Exclusive Offer on Personalised Nutrition Plan  Lets get Rid of Those Niggling Health Complaints, Using Foods Uniquely Optimal for You –  Exclusive Limited-Time Offer! Dr. Miriam Young Paves the Way to Your Optimal Wellness Journey! Unlock a new chapter in your well-being with Compatible Foods Specific for your Body with Dr. Miriam Young, who has 25 years … Read More

Compatibility Hair Analysis & Wellness Program

14 November 2023

Compatibility Hair Analysis & Wellness Program The Compatibility Hair Analysis & Wellness Program is now available at Detox4Life, Jindalee, Brisbane.   It is also available interstate and not a problem if you live rurally.   If you live in the UK, USA, Europe or Singapore etc, this test is also available to you as well. … Read More

Kidney Stone Formation – Part Two

13 November 2023

Kidney stone formation build-up or crystalline formations cause a weakness in your kidneys.  If they are present, you may experience any one or more of the following. Urinary/prostate conditions – *BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia), Prostate cancer, cystitis, bladder infection/inflammation, irregular/excessive/scanty or dark urination, incontinence etc. Kidney disease –Bright’s disease (glomerulonephritis), polycystic kidney disease etc. Fluid … Read More

What Causes Kidney Stones?

10 November 2023

Kidney stones accumulate very slowly over time and can start building as early as childhood.  They are caused by pesticides in food, chlorinated water, alcohol, narcotic drugs, pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, excessive intake of certain low grade vitamin and mineral supplements, (particularly calcium carbonate), coffee and tea, excessive consumption of red meat, low fat foods, genetically engineered food, carbonated beverages, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (a carcinogen), chocolate and sweets, refined sugar, tobacco, food additives and heavy metals.  

Iodine – Thyroid & Brain Function

21 September 2023

Iodine is an essential mineral for the normal growth and development of the brain.  TSH released by the pituitary gland in the brain stimulates the thyroid gland in the neck to product T4, and T4, needs to convert to T3.  It is T3 that gets us out of bed in the morning, not T4.   And iodine is one of the key essential factors needed for this conversion to take place.  Without it we experience lethargy, low mood, weight gain and brain fog as well as slowed thinking speed.  In young children there is a rise in autism and behavioural difficulties.  90-95% of children I see with these issues are iodine, zinc and magnesium deficient.

Could You Have Sub-Clinical Hypothyroid Function?

30 June 2020

TSH is not enough to ascertain the health of your thyroid. It is also important to know that the ranges your doctor says are healthy are not the same as the optimal ranges for vibrant energy and total well-being.