The Liver

After the skin, the liver is the second largest organ in the body, weighing approximately 1.4 kg in an average adult. It sits under the diaphragm in the upper abdominal cavity and has a large right and a smaller left lobe.

Bile secreted by the liver is partly an excretory product (worn out red blood cells) and partly, a digestive secretion, to break down fats. Bile ducts transport bile from the liver.

There are small ducts that unite to form the main bile duct, called the hepatic duct, this joins the cystic duct that leads from the gall bladder to form the common bile duct, which drains into the duodenum (part of the small intestine).  The way the liver functions then is directly related to the effectiveness of digestive function.

The gall bladder is a pea-shaped sac about 7-10cm long and sits underneath the liver. The gall bladder is a storehouse for bile.

The liver is responsible for the formation of blood, the recycling of hormones as well as for heat and energy production. A healthy toxin-free liver secretes bile into the digestive system, transforms ingested substances into absorbable nutrients and neutralises intoxicating substances such as alcohol, medications and junk food. The liver houses vitamins and minerals and stores sugar as glycogen – it is responsible for the whole metabolic process.

The liver is the only organ that can pump fat out of the body – it is the supreme organ of metabolism and works closely with the thyroid, the supreme gland governing metabolism.   The health of the liver must be considered with any weight loss program.


Do you continually wake between 1-3am for no apparent reason? Do you have high cholesterol, constipation and find it impossible to lose weight no matter how hard you try? Do you get angry at the drop of a hat and experience recurring negative thoughts? Have you had your gall bladder removed and are now experiencing digestive issues?

Miriam Young’s Liver Detoxification programs ultimately assist the liver and gall bladder in order for these organs to fulfil their many biological actions in the body.

Fat, ALT and AST

Fat is essential to our body, while too much fat can cause a lot of health problems, especially when it accumulates in the liver.  Fatty liver and inflammation come hand in hand, and can, if left untreated lead to fibrosis or cirrhosis.

The two liver enzymes, ALT and AST are markers which indicate the health of your liver, if they are raised in your blood test report, it may be time to take action.

Miriam Young’s liver detoxification programs treats the underlying cause of this issue through food medicine and herbal medicine. Weight loss is also important in many people with fatty liver and raised liver enzymes.


An estimated one billion people in the world develop gall bladder problems at some point in their lives. Contrary to most people’s belief, most gallstones are formed in the liver and very few in the gall bladder.

I consider gallstones one of the major reasons why people fall into chronic disease and have difficulty recuperating from an illness. Failure to recognise gallstones in the liver is an important missing link in the field of medicine, not only orthodox, but complementary as well.

I assist people to keep their gall bladders and to remove their gallstones naturally.

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