A diet to cleanse your body needs to be designed to give your body a rest, keep it well nourished and make digestion and elimination simple and effective.  We are all different – in body shape and type, gender, levels of exercise etc – and we all require a different amount of protein, carbohydrate etc. Nobody knows your body’s requirements better than you do; so therefore you are responsible for yourself and any diets designed to cleanse your body needs to suit you individually.  Start experimenting and see what feels right for you and your body’s requirements.   The Detox 4 Life Diet is an open common sense eating regime.

All of my detoxification programs involve the taking of herbal medicine – by far the most powerful way of cleansing our bodies!   However, you may like to start with the Detox4Life Diet by itself at first, along with colloidal minerals and Spirulina, particularly if this is radically different from your ‘norm’.  Taking colloidal minerals every morning will make your diet a whole lot easier, as they take cravings away from the foods you will be leaving behind.

This Diet may be a detox unto itself, depending on what you have previously been eating!   Too many changes all at once, particularly if you eat vast quantities of red meat, processed foods and drink coffee/caffeine tea and/or alcohol regularly, may be too much for your body to assimilate.  The amount of toxicity arising from the depths of your tissues may overload you, rendering you straight into a ‘healing crisis’.  Take it easy; be gentle with yourself.  But also challenge yourself beyond your normal eating habits/stuck lifestyle patterns.

The Detox 4 Life Diet is designed with a busy person in mind, whether working or studying full-time, or perhaps you are a busy Mum, studying and working!   Also have a look at the Food Theory for Healthy Living – Acid & Alkaline Chart.  By eating a diet that is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic, you can heal chronic disease in your body and prevent it.