Herbal Miracles

Mary, (not her real name) is 43 years old, working part-time and has two children.  When I first met Mary, she had a respiratory infection, (with fluid on the lungs), a urinary tract infection, an ovarian infection resulting from a cyst, as well as thrush due to years of repeated use of anti-biotics.  She was currently taking antibiotics for her infections, on anti-depressants as well as on medication for her asthma.  She was tired of being on medicines, which were “not making me any better” and wanted to try something different.

I prescribed two bottles of herbal tinctures (liquid concentrates), one for her lung infection and one for her urinary and ovarian infections.

Two weeks later Mary came back to see me, a different person.  Her lung infection had cleared up, she had no congestion in her nose or throat and the fluid on her lungs had completely lifted.  She was no longer short of breath and had experienced no asthma attacks since being on the herbs.  (And therefore had taken no asthma medication).  When I saw her this second time Mary had only been taking her anti-depressants every other day, but now hadn’t taken them for 3 days and didn’t feel she wanted to go back on them.  Mary reported that she could now think straight, was more alert and didn’t “just accept things!”  Her symptoms of stinging upon urination had disappeared along with the frequency of visits to the toilet.  Her symptoms of thrush had also disappeared.

Two weeks after I saw Mary the second time, I had a quick telephone conversation with her.  She was absolutely thrilled as the day before she had received the results back from a pelvic ultrasound and the cyst had completely disappeared.  The specialist said to her that it must have hemorrhaged and that she must have experienced a lot of pain.  And in response Mary said, “actually I have been taking herbal medicine and there was absolutely no pain involved whatsoever!”

If these kinds of results can be achieved within a few weeks on herbal medicine, imagine what a lifetime of herbal medicine, for preventative care as well as treatment, can avoid and treat.

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