Everyone suffers from a digestive disturbance, constipation, diarrhea or difficult movements in life from time to time. There are many remedies for colon cleansing and Acai berry bowel cleansing products are very popular. Acai is classed as a super food and is full of anti-oxidants, but does Acai Berry work effectively for Colon Cleansing?

From my experience the first thing you need to ask yourself before jumping straight to bowel cleansing is; have you consumed enough water today?  In fact all constipation sufferers need first and foremost to drink more water, simple as that!  If this seems to have no effect, then the second port of call needs to be to look at your diet.  Are you eating enough fruit and vegetables?

Just by starting the morning off with 4-500mls of pure water and a simple fruit salad with 3 or more fruits before your eggs or cereal etc, may be enough to give you healthy, regular bowel movements.

However if these actions make no difference to your digestive function, then you may like to investigate the world of colon cleansing…. Acai is a berry and therefore it does have gentle laxative properties, and this may be adequate enough to get you moving, and certainly it won’t do you any harm.

However, if your constipation or sluggish bowel movements are due to parasites, excess fungus or candida, or unhealthy micro-organisms, then a gentle laxative such as Acai may assist, but it may not be enough to get to the cause of your health problem.  You may like to try Vitaklenz and/or Triplex or undertake one of Detox4Life’s Colon Cleanses such as Colon Cleanse ‘Sluggish’ for constipation or Colon Cleanse ‘Excess Motion’ for diahorrea.  These Detox Programs will normalise your bowel function and destroy unhelpful micro-organisms.