Well it’s Monday and there is no better day to start a liver cleanse then today!  You can undertake a deep Liver Flush! or a relatively Gentle Liver Cleanse.  A great place to start is by incorporating this Liver Flush Smoothie into your life every morning for a week!

Liver Flush Smoothie

The Liver Flush Smoothie should be prepared fresh every morning.  This Liver Flush Smoothie, should be taken on an empty stomach. The quantity for one person is:

  • 200ml organic bottled apple juice with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  • 200ml spring or purified water
  • 1 clove of fresh garlic (crush/chop before blending) – this is optional!
  • 1 tablespoon of organic extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 piece of fresh ginger to match the garlic
  • Cayenne as desired (from one pinch to a teaspoon and there are no medals for being a hero!)

Liquidise (blender works well) all the ingredients, until they form a well-blended, smooth liquid.  Transfer this to a glass and drink it slowly.  You may well find that there is a reaction in the liver and you may start to feel a little nauseous-this means the Liver Flush Smoothie is already working!  You should wait one hour before having any breakfast (or at least half an hour). It’s possible to feel not only nauseous, but headachy, tired and/or irritable as well, this is because you are already detoxifying.  Many people however, experience none of these reactions.  It is important to drink plenty of pure water.  Increase the lemon every day, until by Sunday morning, you would be having a whole lemon in your smoothie, the pith it just fine and very good for building the strength of your capillary walls.

Add in LiverPlex Herbal Medicine for a much more powerful cleanse and then graduate to a full blown Liver Flush!