Kidney stone formation build-up or crystalline formations cause a weakness in your kidneys.  If they are present, you may experience any one or more of the following.

Urinary/prostate conditions – *BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia), Prostate cancer, cystitis, bladder infection/inflammation, irregular/excessive/scanty or dark urination, incontinence etc.

Kidney disease –Bright’s disease (glomerulonephritis), polycystic kidney disease etc.

Fluid imbalances – hypertension (high blood pressure), hypotension (low blood pressure), oedema (fluid retention) strong body odour, excessive sweating, etc.

Auricular imbalances – hearing loss, tinnitus (high pitched/buzzing in one or both ears), ear infections etc. 

Skeletal imbalances – osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, lower back pain, knee pain/stiffness, hip pain/stiffness, gout, heel spurs, teeth problems etc.

Reproductive imbalances – low sperm count and/or motility, infertility, period pain, endometriosis, menstrual flooding etc. 

Sexual problems – erectile dysfunction, impotence, low libido etc.,

Premature ageing – hair loss etc.

Muscular/’meridian’ pain – frozen/stiff shoulder, sciatica (pain running down the back of the legs), numbness in the thighs etc.

Headaches – This type of headache appears or starts at the back of the head.

Fear – Anxiety attacks, chronic anxiety, timidity, inferiority complex, low self-esteem, and inability to remove oneself from stuck situations/relationships, lack of motivation.

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, it may indicate toxic build-up in the plumbing system of your body and you may benefit by undertaking a kidney detox.  Various health complaints may be alleviated by more than one type of therapy, taken separately or simultaneously – at the same time as detoxing your kidneys.

Diet is Everything When You Want to Prevent Kidney Stones From Returning 

Unfortunately when a person has had kidney stones, the likelihood of them returning is high.   The Detox4Life Diet needs to be implemented, pay specific attention to the flooring…

Specific Foods for Detoxing and Supporting the Kidneys

  • Cranberries & cranberry juice (sugar-free brands available from health food stores)
  • Artichokes
  • Asparagus
  • Brown rice and rice bran
  • Black cherries (fresh or frozen) and their concentrate or black cherry jam (without sugar)
  • Pot barley water
  • Ginger
  • Lemon and lime

In a nutshell your diet needs to be alkaline.  So cut out the red meat, junk food, soft drinks, chocolate etc and start drinking a green smoothie for breakfast.

Kidney Herbs in the form of a herbal tincture can be taken 2 x per day in order to dissolve them and must be prescribed by a Medical Herbalist.   

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