A fabulous liver detoxification formula created right here in Australia, that will cleanse the gall bladder as well as the liver. Essential herbs such as Dandelion Root will normalise bile release amounts, Tumeric Root is famous for assisting Alzhiemer’s patients, reducing inflammation levels in the body and dissolving cysts. St Mary’s Thistle helps relieve the body of unwanted medications and heavy metals.

For best results, follow the ‘Gentle Liver Detox’ program under ‘Detox Programs’.

Liver Plex is a liver tonic that supports the liver and helps maintain a healthy digestive function. It aids or assists in the treatment of indigestion and flatulence.

Each 2mL contains dry herb equivalent to:

Dandelion root, Taraxacum officinale 200mg
Turmeric root, Curcuma longa 200mg
Gravel root, Eupatorium purpureum 100mg
Mullein leaf, Verbascum thapsus 100mg
Fresh green hulls of Black walnut, Juglans nigra 100mg
Marshmallow root, Althaea officinalis 100mg
Liquorice root, Glycyrrhiza glabra 60mg
Wild Yam root, Dioscorea villosa 60mg
St Mary’s Thistle seed, Silybum marianum 60mg
Skullcap leaf, Scutellaria lateriflora 20mg
Adult: 2mL three times daily in water or juice

Child (3-12 years): 1mL three times daily in water or juice

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.
Contains ethanol.
Shake bottle well before use.

‘I have been using the Liver Plex for 3 months because I had elevated liver function results on a blood test. I feel so much better after taking it and my liver function results returned to normal within 4 weeks. I use it regularly now and would recommend others to use it’. Jeanette, QLD