Menopause has occurred when a whole year has passed since the date of a woman’s final period. Prior to the final menstrual period there is perimenopause, a transition lasting from two to eight years, during which time women ovulate less and less and their cycle begins to lengthen. In Australia menopause commonly occurs between 48 and 53 years of age.

There are many questions that peri-menopausal and menopausal woman may ask, such as are my menopausal symptoms normal? How long will these hot flushes last for? Are weight gain and menopausal headaches and depression normal?

If you have spent the majority of your adult life, dedicated to your career and/or looking after your children, the time of menopause may be a gift to you. Perhaps to slow down, drop the hours you work and begin to honour your creative side and a career change may be in the making. Perhaps you can start to do, and be what you want and not what has been expected of you in the past. Many women over the age of fifty take a deep breath in and a good look at the life they have created for themselves and for the first time in their lives make changes; with themselves in mind and heart…

Menopause is, and can be a very exciting time of life!

Menopause – A Natural Transition of Life

Our oestrogen does start declining, which is normal and natural as we do not want any more babies, and do not necessarily need to ovulate …it is a natural progression, a transition in life. We are not necessarily unwell, and in automatic need of medication.

It is true that symptoms of menopause do include hot flushes, sweating, insomnia, nervous irritability, and depression, lack of concentration, joint pain, vaginal dryness, excessive menstrual bleeding, headaches and palpations. However different women experience vastly different symptoms. And detoxification programs do have a massive role to play in the healing of these symptoms.

If all physical symptoms have an emotional cause, then many of these above symptoms are due to the fact that we have suppressed our true selves and emotions. We have put up with things, and you know what I mean! Hot flushes are the mechanism in which we throw out everything we do not need anymore. We are throwing out the past. And in a healthy woman this will last approximately two years. This natural time of transition should not normally be suppressed.

Every single symptom mentioned above, can be treated successfully with an alkalising diet, herbal medicines and detoxification programs. This is not by an act of suppression or covering up a natural biological process, but by normalising the internal functioning of organs and systems and encouraging the balance of hormones using plants.

Stay tuned for part 2…