Detox 4 Life’s number one recommended body cleanse program would have to be our
Gentle Liver Cleanse, which uses an herbal remedy called Liver Plex to detox your liver.  This liver cleanse is definitely one of our most popular!  Heal your liver and you automatically heal so much of what can go wrong in the human body.

Poor liver function affects our digestion, and constipation may result.  If the liver isn’t working efficiently, the gall bladder will often be affected resulting in poor bile flow into the small intestine and a bloated tummy.   This means essential fat from our diet can no longer be broken down and a person may experience a reduced transit time, and hard, rabbit-like stools.

The most common and distressing menopausal complaint experienced by women during menopause is hot flushes.  This is a natural process, where the liver is kicking out suppressed emotion, including anger and resentments.  A woman will often hold down a career, keep house, and look after her husband and children in her fertile years.  So much of her life is for everyone else.  Menopause is a time of transition, where the past can be cleared through the liver, and the present and future embraced.  It is normal and natural to experience 1-2 years of hot flushes.  Herbal medicine which works to cleanse the liver is a perfect support of the menopause process, which should not be considered a disease.

Hormonal imbalances which can lead to abnormal menstruation and period pain, is often due to a liver that has become congested with a toxic lifestyle and suppressed emotion.  The liver is responsible for recycling and utilising our hormones.  It needs to be loved.

The Liver is the only organ in the body responsible for weight loss, as it is the only organ in the body, responsible for pumping out excess fat.  A liver cleanse following the Detox4Life Diet is a perfect way to loose weight.

Infertility is often caused by a poorly functioning, toxic liver due to its’ vital role in human health.  The liver is responsible literally for so many thousands of biochemical reactions in the body.  Pre-conception care must include detoxification program.  If the mother’s body is clean and robust, the unborn baby will receive vibrant, healthy, genes.

There is no better way to detox, than with herbal medicine.  We highly recommended Detox4Life’s Gentle Liver Cleanse.