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Global Healing Paratrex


Paratrex is now available right here in Brisbane, Australia at Detox4Life.   Goes beautifully with Global Healing’s Oxy Powder and follow up with Global Healing’s Latero-Flora.

Targeted Harmful Organism Cleanse

Transform your health with Paratrex – the ultimate supplement for eliminating harmful organisms, supporting your gut microbiome, and boosting your immune system. Our premium formula is specially designed to create an inhospitable environment for invading organisms while promoting natural cleansing of the body and enhancing immune function. Crafted with the highest-quality ingredients, Paratrex supports optimal drainage and detox pathways, helping to remove toxins and waste from the body and promote a natural sense of vitality and well-being.

UNIQUELY MADE Premium, Synergistic Ingredients

Don’t risk compromising your health with nutritional supplements made with low-quality herbs of unknown origin, often containing harmful toxins and pesticides. Choose only premium supplements crafted with the highest-quality ingredients, like Paratrex – the synergistic blend of natural ingredients that’s specially designed to eliminate harmful organisms and promote optimal health and well-being. We source every unique ingredient and manufacture Paratrex at Global Healing’s state-of-the-art facility, using the latest technology to ensure maximum efficacy and unparalleled results.

Harmful organisms are everywhere and can disrupt your digestion, weaken your immune system, and cause fatigue. Our premium Paratrex formula is specifically designed to create an environment that is hostile to invading organisms, including parasites, bacteria, and fungi. This hostile environment helps to weaken and eliminate these organisms from the body, promoting natural cleansing and detoxification. Experience unparalleled results with Paratrex.A healthy digestive system is key to absorbing nutrients and properly processing food. However, harmful organisms can disrupt this process and lead to complications. By removing these invaders, you can support efficient digestion and maintain overall digestive health.      MADE WITHClean, Pure, Premium Ingredients.


Organic black walnuts’ active components — juglone and tannins — have been scientifically proven to be effective antimicrobial agents that break down and eliminate toxins in the body.



Organic Clove


Natural Colon Cleanser

If you’re experiencing constipation from harmful organisms, think about adding Oxy-Powder into your routine. This safe, all-natural colon cleanser uses oxygen to effectively melt away toxins and waste from your gastrointestinal system, clearing the path for healthy absorption and digestion while creating a safe space for probiotics to flourish.


5 star rating

Very excellent product
I am happy to full heartedly say, this product is excellent for everyone. I have done several para cleanse many years ago which were to some extent challenging. This product is easy to take and effective. I highly recommend it for anyone, especially in today’s toxic world.



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