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Fullhealth Selenium Colloid


Detox4Life, in Brisbane, Australia has been a long time lover of Fulhealth industries Colloidal Selenium.   Selenium Colloid 500mls (Selenium Methionine) Selenium is the anti-oxidant of the mineral kingdom.

Alongside orthodox medications, it is used by Functional Doctors the world over to prevent and treat chronic, degenerative illnesses.  In synergy with glutathione, selenium is essential for liver function, and is the mineral that governs liver detoxification pathways.  Selenium Colloid has a magnificent effect on the skin, and is very effective in the treatment of keratosis, at 20 mils per day for several months.  Selenium is paramount to correct thyroid function, whether it is hyper or hypothyroidism, Selenium is essential.

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Professional health care practitioners have found selenium to enhance health in various conditions and may be used as an adjunct to slow the ageing process and prevent the return of many skin conditions and abnormal growths, maintain tissue elasticity, benefit Inflammatory diseases, regulate the immune system, benefit Cardio-vascular disease, benefit neurological disease, regulate Thyroid Hormones, increase Sperm Motility, (movement) and therefore may be useful in male infertility. Selenium benefits chronic immune and/or oestrogen dominant imbalance.

Selenium Colloid may be mixed with other Colloid products including Colloidal Minerals, and Colloidal Magnesium.

These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. Selenium products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Dosage – Prevention – 10mls per day Treatment – 20mls per day.

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