In Chinese understanding the heart and the small intestine work as a team in the body like brother and sister; the health and well-being of these two organs are connected. The small intestine is where we absorb the majority of our nutrients from our food. The Chinese talk about Heart Mind – they see there is a difference between mind thinking and heart knowing. In effect they are saying think with your heart. Too much mind thinking will drain the heart, and the heart will then draw on the small intestine. This in turn will deplete digestion and absorption. The reverse is also true, a disturbed digestion will affect thinking….

I experienced an example of this many years ago, as I had a stint in Brisbane as a Colon Hydrotherapist, (bowel cleansing with water). One of my clients was a young woman with diagnosed mental illness and on medication. However, as is often the case, the medication did nothing for the voices in her head. With Colon-Hydrotherapy however, after treatment she would tell me that the voices in her head would disappear completely for days on end!

I have also seen bowel cleansing with herbal medicine, such as Vitaklenz and Vitaklenz for Kidz, as well as Herbal Triplex and an oxygen supplement, namely Oxy Powder, give similar results, including relief to people with disturbed thinking patterns. If you have noticed that your child’s thinking and behavioural patterns have gone a bit haywire, it is definitely worth worming them, and now you can do it naturally with Vitaklenz for Kidz!