One of my clients recently described RED IRON as “like a blood transfusion.”

Red Iron is a liquid Iron Supplement sourced from the remains of an ancient rainforest, and is a natural, in its truest sense, source of iron.

Iron is the single most common nutrient deficiency in the developed world.  Anaemia is often called the world’s most common disease.

Iron is essential to the human body.  It assists in the formation of red blood cells and is a transporter of oxygen to every cell, providing us with energy.  Normal iron levels are necessary for normal work capacity.  This does not only apply to physical work. Iron also assist our memory and the ability to concentrate and can help improve the state of healthy activity and mood.   Iron builds resistance to infection, stress and disease.

Lack of iron can lead to a general run down feeling, anaemia, headaches, acute infections, colds, flu, dizziness and shortness of breath during periods of exertion.  Anxiety and irritability, depression and sleepiness are all linked to low iron levels.

How are your energy levels?

Iron Deficiency High Risk Groups

-Menstruating Women

-Pregnant Women

-Lactating Mothers

-Vegetarians and Vegans

-Elderly people

-Hospital patient s and outpatients exposed to excessive bleeding due to wounds, surgery etc

-Adults and children who have parasitical infections such as hookworm and round worms etc

-Gastric Ulcers or gastrointestinal disorders, such as cancer

Red Iron is the most superior Iron supplement on the market.  It works fast and most importantly contains no artificial additives.”  Dr. Florian Davidis, Medical Doctor, Stuttgart, Germany.  The Official Medical Consultant to German health television)

Red Iron does not cause constipation.

Red Iron is now on special, see…