Is there a right way to do a bowel cleanse?  Probably not, as we are all different, have different bowel patterns, different metabolisms, different lifestyles, different constitutions and different health complaints.
Many people have digestive disturbances and I could even be as bold to say that everyone will suffer some form of digestive complaint at some point in their life.
If an individual is very thin, suffering from a chronic illness, or recovering from an operation, then a very strict bowel cleanse involving a restricted diet, may weaken that person further.  If constipation is an issue with this person, then just by taking small amounts of Oxy Powder before bed may resolve the compacted faeces.
If however you are of a robust health and have a long history of constipation or sluggish bowel motions, a detox program such as Colon Cleanse ‘Sluggish’ may be more appropriate.  A program such as this removes old mucoid plaque (poo) by melting it; simultaneously parasites are destroyed by Vitaklenz and the Herbal Triplex.  (While following the Detox4Life Diet)  After this cleanse is complete, Motion Potion is then used to replace the friendly bacteria, keep bowel motions regular and will alkalise the whole system.
As 70% of the immune system lies in the intestines, regular bowel motions are paramount to the total health of the human condition.  If the bowel is congested and putrid, the immune system will decline in its defence activity, the lymphatic system will become clogged and the blood will become dirty, thereby polluting the liver and potentially pre-disposing you to a whole myriad of health complaints.
Bowel Cleansing then is an important step in your health.