Detox4Life will ship Oxy Powder to your door express, no matter where you live in Australia.  If you order before 2pm, it will be shipped out the same day, no matter where you live in Australia.

We are often asked about Oxy Powder’s safety in regards to how often to take it and how much to take.  Oxy Powder is up there with the safest products that we prescribe at Detox4Life and has no side affects.

There will possibly or probably be a detoxification affect which may cause short term tiredness, nausea and skin breakouts.  This will quickly pass however as it cleanses the body.  Oxy Powder causes loose bowel motions, as this is what it is designed to do.

Oxy Powder is safe to take for long periods of time and even indefinitely.  It is safe to be taken when breastfeeding and it is also safe to give constipated children before they go to bed.  Open the capsule and mix the one capsule with a third of a glass of Oat Milk before a child goes to bed.  Oat Milk is ideal for children, as it has a calming affect on the nervous system and contains no sugar, and has a nurturing affect.  Again only give children Oxy Powder before they go to bed, as it will work over-night as they sleep, melting the mucoid plaque that is congesting their little colon.  Give it to them every second night to begin with, you will have to experiment with the dose in order to find what works best for your child.

Once you have undertaken a four to twelve week cleanse using Oxy Powder, you can then use the product when required.  Dr Bernard Jensen, would say, “if you haven’t had a bowel motion before sunset, take an enema.”   If you don’t want to take enemas, take Oxy Powder before you go to bed with a large glass of water.  You can only find our optimum dose by trial and error, nobody can advise you upon this.  Start with two and work up slowly each night, one capsule at a time, until you reach the desired affect, and hold this amount for 7 or more days.

To make Oxy Powder more effective, add a squeeze of lemon juice to the water you take with Oxy Powder.  This will give more powerful results.

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Miriam Young prescribes Oxy Powder in her day to day practice in Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

The best place to keep Oxy Powder is by your bedside table.