Depending on where you live in the world, it is not always possible to visit a Medical Herbalist or Naturopath.  You may like to undertake a cleanse from home or you may be after a number of natural remedies, assistance with menopause or information regarding a Detox diet or the best way to undertake a liver cleanse.

Weight loss can be achieved gradually and naturally at Detox4Life simply by undertaking a Colon Cleanse or Gentle Liver Cleanse.   The Detox Diet on Detox4Life is simple, easy to follow, unrestrictive and you can even eat Loving Earth Organic Chocolate!

My daughter loves the Vitaklenz for Kids, herbal worming tablets and helps herself twice per day!   We worm our whole family at least three times per year at Detox4Life, all with herbs of course!

If you have any questions regarding my Detox programs, you may contact me and I may add your question to my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

Thank you for reading my very first blog!

I look forward to your feedback.

Miriam Young, Medical Herbalist