Constipation is a condition where there is difficulty in emptying the bowels and there is often hard faces accompanying this restriction.   Bowel motions are often infrequent and there may be straining.

Why is constipation a problem?
Chronic constipation over many years may cause/exacerbate dysfunctional cellular intestinal wall changes, causing polyps, diverticula and intestinal cancers.  Absorption is also a problem, as the intestinal walls become coated with old faecal matter, and the cells in the intestinal wall, can no longer absorb nutrients from food.  This over time can cause severe nutritional deficiencies and lead to illness.  Toxicity is now a problem, as the intestinal walls are leaking their sludge into the blood stream, causing the liver to need to work harder to clear all the toxic debris from the bowel.  After many years of constipation however, the liver can no longer cope and will also become toxic and is no longer able to clean the blood – this causes further dis-ease in the body.  Hormonal problems, skin eruptions, headaches, fatigue and aching joints may result.

What causes constipation?
-Not drinking enough water, (chronic dehydration)
-A lack of plant material, fibre in the diet, which makes our stool soft
-Parasitical Infections
-Certain orthodox medications
Poor liver function, where there is not enough bile produced to breakdown fats
-Stress and a holding on, emotionally – not digesting life so to speak
-Spleen deficiency (Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding)

What can be done about constipation?
There are certain questions which need to be answered…

– Are you drinking enough pure water?  If it is hot, you need to drink more, listen to your body.   Hold the water in your mouth for a few seconds.  This will allow the water to absorb through the sublingual circulation under the tongue and go straight into your cells; thereby hydrating you on a deep level.  Juice and soft drinks do not count, as the body recognises them as food.  It is pure water we need.
– Are you eating enough fruit and vegetables?  Leafy green vegetables, carrots and beetroot are useful, as are of course prunes.  Some people find that sprinkling Psyllium husk on their cereal in the morning helps or taking a teaspoon of slippery elm powder in half a glass of water before meals.
– Do you feel nauseous with your constipation, or after eating certain foods, especially those with sugar in them?  Is there pain and a lot of gas accompanying your constipation – then you most certainly have parasites.  You may like to go for a stool test to confirm this.   You will be able to see if parasites are at the level of your blood by Hemaview – by observing one drop of blood under a microscope.  If parasites are apparent in one drop of blood, then your bowel will be full of them.  You will need to take VitaklenzTriplex and/or Oxy Powder to get rid of them.
– Is your orthodox medication causing you constipation?  Iron supplements from your doctor will cause constipation.
– Is your Liver toxic?  Does it need a cleanse?  Do you have gall pain after eating a fatty meal?  Then you will certainly need to cleanse your liver!
– Are you stressed?  Do you need to let go of an old way of being?  Are you afraid of life?  Do you need counselling and emotional support?

Constipation, although not initially life threatening is a serious condition, due to the fact of what it can lead to.  I have noticed after years of treating gynaecological conditions, that nine out of ten women who have endometriosis, have had a long history of constipation.  The bowel has been polluting the blood, the liver can no longer cope and this causes/exacerbates hormonal issues, which have led to endometriosis.  Many people with long term constipation also suffer from depression and fatigue…

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