There is nothing better than to start your day with a freshly squeezed juice.  Try to purchase organic fruit and vegetables wherever possible, as the nutrient quality can be up to more than one hundred fold compared to conventional produce.  We don’t all have time to juice, every single morning, however it can be a great addition to your weekend and holidays, as it will alkalise you and your cells will love you for it.   Juicing is a wonderful addition to a Detox4Life program in addition to taking your herbal medicine and we highly recommend it!..

What Shall I Juice?
Green and Leafy:  If it is green and leafy, it can probably be juiced!  Greens are full of everything we humans need including magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine (needed for thyroid function), Vitamin A, E C as well as the complete range of B vitamins, including folic acid.  We simply cannot over-dose on greens.  Chlorophyll found in all green plants is a fantastic tonic for the liver and one of the best remedies for purifying the blood.  Blood purification is essential in Naturopathic philosophy, needed to heal many conditions including eczema, acne, arthritis, gout, heartburn and depression.  If you come across a juice bar, selling wheat grass, add it in.  Wheat grass is superior in its nutritional value and absorption rate than any synthetic vitamin pill ever produced!  Greens are an essential addition, when you are on Detox4Life’s Liver Detox Program.

Carrot: A must for juicing, carrot improves the function of the liver and stimulates the elimination of wastes.  Carrots help to break down stones and tumours as well as eliminating putrefactive bacteria in the intestines; they should be included in all detox and wellness programmes.  They treat indigestion and heartburn and diarrhoea and contain an essential oil that destroys pinworms and roundworms, (grate them for this).  Carrots are of course alkaline-forming and will clear acidic blood conditions including acne and arthritis.  They are one of the richest sources of the anti-oxidant beta-carotene, which protects against cancer.  They also contain generous amounts of potassium, calcium, sulphur and silica.  Carrots are used in the treatment of cancer.

Beetroot: Also a must for juicing, but go easy.   Beetroot can be as powerful as some herbal medicines in so far as eliminating toxins from the body – it is a very efficient cleanser for the kidneys, liver, bowel and blood.  Start with half a small beetroot as part of a juice for three days, before increasing slowly.  Beetroot is high in iron and silicic acid, as well as selenium, vitamins A, C, E and flavonoids.  Beetroot juice assists the liver to breakdown stored fats and is of value for cellulite and other obese conditions. Don’t panic if your pee turns pink, this is normal when drinking beetroot!  Check out the specific way to prepare beetroot in Detox4Life’s Kidney Detox Program.

Celery: Include the green leaves in your juice.  Celery purifies the blood and cools a hot (toxic) liver and like carrot can be used to treat putrefactive bacteria that accumulate in the intestines due to poor diet, eating too late and/or lack of exercise.  Combining well with fruit, celery is anti-inflammatory in its affects and can be used to treat arthritis, gout and adult onset diabetes.  Like oats, celery is high in silicon and will help to renew joints and connective tissue.

Apple:  Contains malic and tartaric acid, which inhibits the growth of ferments and disease-producing bacteria in the digestive tract.  Apples are great for low blood sugar conditions.  Apples are very cleansing and beneficial for the liver and gallbladder, actually softening gallstones.  I use apple juice in the preparation for the build up to a natural method of flushing gallstones out of the body.  Apples contain pectin, which removes cholesterol, toxic metals such as lead and mercury and the residues of radiation out of the body.  ‘Eating around four apples per day can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood as much as a dose of statin drugs.’  Cornell University, New York.

Lemon:  Ideal for getting rid of toxic accumulations in the body, lemon promotes the detoxification capacity of the liver and is great for neutralising that putrification process in the digestive tract I keep referring to.  Caution must be taken when using lemon, as many people over-use this fruit, tending to drink hot lemon first thing in the morning for many years.  First and foremost it is pure water that we need first thing in the morning, two cups of pure boiled water first up in the morning is perfect.  As soon as you add anything to water, even lemon or lime, it has to go via the whole digestive process as the body now recognises it as a food.  First thing in the morning, do not put anything in your water; to do so will only dehydrate you.  Drink your two glasses of water hot or at room temperature.  Lemon is a very yin fruit and you may deplete yourself if you use it everyday.  It is important to go through periods, particularly after a detox where you are building, nourishing and supporting yourself.  Lemons are of course great for fevers, excess catarrh, colds and flues and may be taken with ginger, cayenne and/or garlic to aid recovery.  Lemons also contain chemicals that block cancer.

Ginger:  Ginger is great to add to your juices during the winter months, and it helps to increase your energy levels, as it is very yang.  Perfect for feverish conditions as ginger promotes perspiration and is anti-bacterial. Ginger is great for increasing gastric secretion in the case of slow or sluggish digestion, (constipation) and as a gargle in the treatment of sore throats.  Ginger is very warming and strengthening to the whole body.  It is fantastic for painful, sluggish periods and is a great stimulant for circulation, particularly useful for women.