Cleanse your bowel and you cleanse your whole body.  Why is this?

Many people, due to poor diet, orthodox medication, stress and lifestyle factors, have an accumulation of partially digested food sitting in their intestines.  Over the years, this breaks down in the lining of the colon, starts to ferment and eventually turns into old faecal matter or mucoid plaque.  A colon cleanse is definitely required!

Foods, which contribute to this happening, are white flour and white rice, meat, milk and dairy products and processed foods, including preservatives, sugar and artificial sweeteners and colourings.

Sixty per cent of the immune system is located in the intestines.  Mucoid plaque can lead to irritation of the mucous lining and impair the immune system.

If you suffer from headaches, constant fatigue, infertility, poor immune function, Candida, allergies, arthritis, depression, poor absorption, excess weight, constipation, coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, gastric pain, bloating or diarrhoea it is more than likely that you have a build up of mucoid plaque, toxic sludge or faecal matter in your intestinal walls.

An herbal colon cleansing program can remove old faecal matter from the intestinal wall, thereby destroying the environment where parasites love to grow and reproduce.

We should absorb vitamins, minerals and energy through the intestinal lining, but if it is coated in this toxic sludge, absorption fails to happen.

By removing the old faecal matter, your colon can breathe a sigh of relief, as nutrients will once again start to be absorbed into your bloods stream and into your cells, as it did when you were a child.   Your immune system will then function optimally, and you will be less susceptible to colds and flues and your recovery time will be improved.  The fact that you are once again absorbing your nutrients from your food will mean an increase in energy with more vital looking skin.   By cleansing the colon, you also purify your blood and lighten the load on your liver…

Which Colon Cleanse is for me?

Colon Cleanse ‘Sluggish’
Colon Cleanse ‘Excess Motion’