Simply adding the concentrated formula to water, is a lot easier way to prepare Herbal Tech Essiac in order to be taken internally.  Detox4Life is excited to announce that Herbal Tech Essiac is now available to purchase right here in Australia, simply order and it will be shipped out express from Brisbane, Queensland.

Herbal Tech Essiac has a several-times greater antioxidant activity than known antioxidants such as red wine, green tea, black tea, and cocoa. These antioxidant effects are likely related to Essiac’s reported usefulness.  The herbs in Essiac are also blood cleansing and have a liver detoxifying activity thereby giving Essiac it’s legendary status.

Essiac Immune Booster properties

Your body’s immune system acts as a defense against infection and disease.  Another well-promoted use of Essiac is as an immune system strengthener.

The research study previously mentioned also examined the immune strengthening effects of Essiac.

Due to the unique properties of the individual herbs in Essiac, in addition to the enhanced properties when the herbs are mixed together in the correct concentrations, Essiac tea or tincture benefits the body in many ways, including notable antioxidant and immune strengthening properties, both of which are valuable in the therapy of a myriad of health conditions.

Individual Essiac Herb Properties

Burdock has been found to support bile production and liver functions, and is used as a tonic, blood purifier, and cleanser.

Turkey rhubarb root is well known as an astringent and supports bowel regularity; it is an effective tonic to support the digestive system and assists the body to remove debris.

Sheep sorrel is known by herbalist to sharpen the appetite, cool the liver, and strengthen the heart.

Together however, these herbs have a synergistic affect, and have been known to totally regenerate and repair dysfunctional cells in the body and harmonise the immune system.   Click here to order.