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Global Healing Vitamin B12


We are very excited to announce that, Detox4life based right here in Brisbane, Australia, is now stocking Global Healing’s Vitamin B12 (Methyl, Adenosyl, Hydroxo) formula!

Global Healing B12 for Natural Energy, Red Blood Cells, Metabolism and Cardio Health.  

B12 – Methly, Adenosyl, Hydroxo Formula – Formally known as Tri-Blend.

  • Boosts Energy Naturally
  • Promotes Brain Health
  • Encourages Restful Sleep

What Is B12 Tri-Blend?

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient you need for healthy energy levels, brain function, nervous system support, and more. Although vitamin B12 is the term we all know, there are actually four types of B12.

Methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin are coenzyme forms of B12 that your body is able to use quickly. Hydroxocobalamin is a natural form of B12 that’s used more slowly and provides continuous support. (Cyanocobalamin is a synthetic vitamin found in low-end supplements and fortified foods.)

B12 Tri-Blend is an organic, liquid B12 supplement you can count on.  We formulated B12 Tri-Blend for people who want even more comprehensive nutritional coverage. Like the previous B12 Blend by Global Healing, it’s a vegan-safe formula that contains methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, but B12 Tri-Blend also contains hydroxocobalamin for long-lasting, sustained support with 5,000 mcg of B12 per serving.

B12 Tri-Blend contains Energized Trace Minerals™ for amplified bioavailability.

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