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Candida Balance


Candida Balance

(I highly recommend Lateroflora – a probiotic specific for Candida, Ultimate Enzymes, the best digestive enzyme on the planet and also Oxy Powder to eliminate the backlog of mucoid plaque (old poop) in the colon wall.  All four product can be taken together for a complete Colon and Candida Cleanse with the Ultimate Enzymes supporting digestion when taken with meals.)

Candida Balance (formerly Mycozil®) is an exceptional, meticulously crafted formula tailored to restore harmony to the delicate balance of yeast and fungal organisms within the body. If you grapple with candida overgrowth, our Candida Balance formula is designed to restore equilibrium to your system. Expertly formulated with a synergy of wildcrafted and organic herbs and enzymes, this gentle yet potent formula works harmoniously with your body’s natural defenses, providing effective relief without adverse side effects. Experience the transformative effects of fungal detoxification, restored candida balance, and improved skin health. Empower your body’s internal defense against candida overgrowth, yeast imbalances, and diverse fungal strains with the unrivaled power of our carefully selected wildcrafted, organic herbs and enzymes.

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