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Global Healing COLON CLEANSE KIT Includes Candida & Parasites


Global Healing Colon Cleanse Kit, Why Do It?

The Colon Cleanse is designed to resolve constipation, (including the old mucoid plaque back log), destroy candida (fungal) and eliminate parasites (not just worms).

And for anyone wishing to remain healthy and to become healthier!

The Colon Cleanse detox program may help you if you suffer from any of:

  1. Constipation
  2. Compacted faeces
  3. Have large ‘fat’ protruding bellies
  4. Difficult bowel motions or straining
  5. Parasitical infection or worms
  6. Gastric pain
  7. Excessive gas and bloating
  8. Candida or yeast infection – have a look at your tongue, does it have a yellow and furry coating?
  9. Bad Breath
  10. Have a family history of bowel polyps or colon dis-ease etc
  11. Normal bowel motions, but would like do undertake preventative health care in the form of a colon cleanse.

How Long Does The Colon Cleanse Program Take?

The Colon Cleanse goes for 4 weeks, and then afterwards you take the Lateroflora probiotic. However you may take the Oxy Powder and Paratrex for longer, as the benefits will increase.

Which Products Will I Need To Complete This Cleanse?

The process

During the Colon Cleanse, follow the Detox4LIfe Diet.

In the Morning

  1. Drink 3-500mls of pure filtered or spring water (with nothing in it)
  2. Take 10mls of Colloidal Minerals
  3. Wait 5 minutes
  4. Take 2 x Paratrex capsules
  5. Eat Breakfast


Take 2 x Paratrex capsules.

Eat Dinner

  • Before Bed
  • Keep your Oxy Powder by your bedside table.  THE ONLY TIME YOU TAKE OXY POWDER IS JUST BEFORE YOU GO TO BED!
  • Take 2 capsule of oxy powder with lots of water between 9-10pm at night before you go to bed, or earlier. You need to find your own personal dose that works best for you.  It may be much more than 2 per night, but up it slowly 1 x per night to find out how your bowel responds!  Some people only need 1 x, some need up to 6 or 7.

For further information on the benefits and directions of Oxy Powder, click here.  

What Next On The Colon Cleanse?

Next on the Colon Cleanse, take 2 x capsules of Lateroflora before bed for at least one month after you have finished taking the Oxy Powder and Paratrex.  If you feel you need or would like to keep taking the Oxy Powder before bed, then take the 2 x Lateroflora before breakfast.

How Often Should I Cleanse My Colon?

Once your bowel pattern has returned to normal, and as a preventative health measure Detox 4 Life recommends that you cleanse your colon at least once or twice per year.   Taking Colloidal Minerals every morning is always a good idea – every single mineral your body requires in one dose.

What to expect

What Can I Expect During the Program?

Each individual will respond differently to the program.

The Healing Crisis is often referred to as a stage where a person undertaking a herbal detox program may feel worse before they feel better.

This may last for a couple of hours or a couple of days, occasionally it may last a week or longer. The Healing Crisis may be emotional and/or physical.

Signs your body is healing may include:

  • Headaches or Aching Joints
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Feelings of despair, negative thoughts
  • Original symptoms feeling worse, before they get better such as Intestinal griping pain, Smelly gas, Abdominal bloating, Bad Breath, Nausea

All these signs of healing are taking you through a transition period. Unhealthy micro-organisms in the gut, do not want to leave you, and may give you some grief as they die. It won’t be long before you feel much lighter and healthier. And is all a normal sign that the Colon Cleanse Program is working effectively for you.


What Can I Do To Help Myself Through The Healing Crisis Transition?

  • Take regular short cold showers, just 30 seconds is fine, followed by warm, the more often the better.
  • Allow yourself to rest and sleep for longer periods
  • Be in nature – go for short walks, gentle swims, Chi Gong and/or Yoga
  • Take time out from visits to the gym, jogging or excessive exercise