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Global healing IMMUNE BOOST KIT


Global Healing Immune Boost Kit

Global Healing Immune Boost Kit, includes Global Healing Quercetin which promotes your body’s normal response to allergens, inflammation and histamines and works with your natural immune system to optimise it. Global Healing’s Plant-Based Quercetin is formulated with an enhanced phyosome delivery method that increases your body’s ability to absorb active Quercetin up to 20 times higher than standard quercetin, meaning you’ll get the most out of the powerful antioxidant and immune modulator (brining about balance in the immune system)   Take 2-4 x per day.  2 x per day for preventative and 4 x per day for acute conditions.  Take before meals.  

Global Healing’s Plant-Based Vitamin C, it is potent vitamin-c containing plants in one bottle! Includes Amala Extract and Organic Blackcurrant extract.  It gives a boost that you can feel immediately.   Full Ingredients List: Vitamin C from Amala and Organic Blackcurrant extract, organic vegetable glycerin, triple-distilled biophotonic structured water, organic plant essence blend (organic lemon, organic orange, organic rosehip), ormus supercharged minerals.  This organic, plant-based vitamin C liquid complex is a naturally powerful antioxidant that supports immune function, collagen and protein production, and a healthy response to inflammation. It also helps with cardiovascular health.   Take 2 mils – once per day for preventative and 2-4 x per day for acute conditions, maybe taken anytime.  

Global Leading Plant-Based Vitamin D3 125 mag (5000 IU)  D3 for your bones, your immune system, your brain and mood!   People with more sunlight exposure have been found to have stronger immune system function than people with limited exposure. Why?  Vitamin D3 receptors exist on immune cells and promote healthy immune cell maturity, differentiation and integration. Extracted from lichen.   Take 2 mils – 5000 IU per day, anytime – straight into your mouth, morning or afternoon.  

Global Healing’s Plant-Based Zinc is an essential mineral that supports the immune system, digestive system, cellular growth and development, and more.  Zinc is needed for a healthy functioning immune system, to promote hormonal balance, healthy cells and also boosts sexual health.   Extracted from guava leaves.  Take 2 mils per day in water, anytime.