Extract from DETOX FOR LIVING By Miriam Young.

Gandhi taught us, “Chew your water and drink your food.”

By this, he meant to hold and swish the water around in our mouths – pure water is then able to pass straight through the mucous membranes of the mouth, (sublingual circulation) into the blood stream and straight into our cells. (Pure water is able to bypass the liver.) The thirst and hunger centres of the brain are located side by side in the hypothalamus. In the case of chronic dehydration, it is not uncommon for the body to confuse thirst for hunger. Researchers believe that as we age we lose the sensation of thirst.

Instead of concentrating on how much water you should be drinking per day, concentrate on how you are drinking it.  This will flush out any toxicity formed over night.  Start off in the morning as soon as you get up, and drink two medium size glasses of pure water. Then take small sips throughout the day, whenever you need to and hold this water in your mouth (for 20-30 seconds) swilling it around before swallowing gradually, Gandhi style. This is true hydration. The body cannot utilise water in large volumes and it will pass straight out unused, in actual fact, intensifying the very dehydration you are trying to avoid.

The Chinese see the excessive consumption of water as depleting kidney yang energy, draining “Chi” or “life force”, causing a person to feel drained and tired. Just before you go to bed, which ideally should be at least two hours after you have eaten, (four hours would be even better) drink another one or two medium size glasses of water. Getting up once per night to visit the bathroom is not such a terrible occurrence, any more than this and it is possible you may have a weakness in your kidneys. Unless of course you are undertaking a detoxification program and urinating more often is quite normal!  The other factor is of course, if you are male, and find you are urinating frequently, get your prostate checked.