56 year old Janice Jones (not her real name) came to see me stating she was experiencing:

-Lowering Energy
-Hot Flushes during the day – no matter what the season
-Arthritic-type flare ups in her knees and hands
-Insomnia – difficulty falling asleep
-Bowel motions every second day
-Bad breath
-Past history of Ross River Fever
-Lingering Flu
-Would like to lose a few kilos

From a Naturopathic/Chinese view point, when I first met Janice, I would have described her as having low kidney chi (energy), Spleen deficiency, very poor micro-biome (good bugs) in her digestive tract, adrenal and nervous system exhaustion.

Janice is self-employed and also works on her husbands business, being responsible for the accounts. She works up to 60 hours per week. Janice works hard and plays hard. During the weekend, she is busy with her grand children and her and her husband regularly travel inter-state. Janice worries about her children and her own health. In a nut shell she is exhausted.

Janice has a traditional meat and 3 x veg-type diet, she takes Mulit-B’s, zinc and a green-plant supplement. She drinks a bottle of wine most nights, and also partial to gin. She is active and regularly goes to the gym and jogs 2-3 x per week. Janice is very social and goes out 2-3 times per week. In a nut-shell, very busy.

Consultation One

Initial treatment is to raise her energy levels, quality of sleep and general well-being. To treat lingering infection.

-Switch jogging to fast walking – to take the stress-impact off her knees. To consider yoga or Chi Gong.
-Give up coffee – replace with Golden Late, (anti-inflammatory), Rose Hips (adrenals) and Green Tea (alkalising).
-Only drink alcohol when not at home – so only at social events – psychologically she felt uplifted by the fact that she had something to look forward to.
-Melatonin (pure) – to assist sleep and whole endocrine system, including adrenals, thyroid etc
-My ‘Whole Body Tonic’ – Immune, Energy, Kidney and Spleen Tonic
-Colloidal Minerals – minerals are the catalysts for every biological action that happens in the body, and when we don’t have enough of them, we get tired.

Consultation Two

Janice has followed all of my advice. Her energy and hot flushes are very much improved, and sleeping 50% better. Flu resolved.

-Continue current treatment
-Further dietary changes including switching to a more alkalising, nutrition-dense diet.
-To swap wine for soda water, one night per week during social function. Drink less during other social functions.
-Undertake a 6 x week Parasite Program including Oxy Powder (oxygen-based gentle laxative), Vitaklenz (destroys parasites in the digestive tract), and Prescript Assist (includes 29 strains of beneficial bacteria)
-Emotional Healing and Counseling

Consultation Three

Janice has regular healthy bowel motions, and no bad breath. She is sleeping solidly at night, experiences the best energy she remembers “since my 30’s!” She feels that undertaking the parasite cleanse has been the absolute turning point in her energy levels, and she is wide awake in front of the telly during the evening. Hot Flushes however are still present and she’s had an arthritic flare up.


-Continue above treatment
-Switch ‘Whole Body Tonic’ for my ‘Liver and Gall Bladder’ Herbs
-Add Black Cohosh to the mix to treat hormone imbalance and arthritic pain
-Emotional Healing and Counseling

Consultation Four

Janice continues to feel happier and healthier. Her hot flushes have resolved entirely, but her arthritis is flaring up. I decide to treat the Ross River Fever virus that I suspect is still present in her body.


-Continue above treatment plan
-Add in alkalising smoothy, instead of a meal, once per day – Janice decides this is to be breakfast.
-new herbal formula is my ‘Anti-Viral Herbal Formula’ – high dose three times per day. This formula includes high dose of Cat’s Claw.
-Emotional Healing and Counseling

Consultation Five to Present

All signs of arthritis have disappeared. Janice is feeling entirely grateful and happy. The family have hired a bookkeeper for her husband’s business, so she can just concentrate on her own. She did not realise how resentful she was feeling towards her husband at the hours spent. Consequently Janice is now enjoying a stronger bond with her husband.


-Continue currently formula for 3 x months
-Emotional Healing and Counseling