Vitaklenz for Kidz is a natural, non toxic solution to parasites and worms that your child may harbour in their digestive tract and/or blood. Vitaklenz for Kidz is made using natural safe herbal medicines that your child may suck or swallow as they taste yummy!

How Do I Know My Child Has Worms?
If your child suffers from a constant runny nose, itchy bottom, low iron levels, chronic tiredness, muscle aches, stomach pain, diahorrea and weight loss, then your child has probably got worms!

Children can have personality changes if they become infected with a parasite.  They may become withdrawn, or irritable, clingy or teary.  Another sign to look out for is if they have bad breath!

How Do We Get Parasites?
There are many different types of parasitical infections, not just the common pin worm.  A common way kids can get worms is by playing in the dirt and then chewing their finger nails afterwards. Younger children are constantly putting unclean objects in their mouths and older children share their toys, pencils etc.  Pets such as dogs and cats carry worms that children play with.  If you have chooks in the back yard and your child is running around in the garden on chook poo, bird poo or dog poop etc, then they can pick up microscopic parasites through the soles of their feet.  It is worth wearing shoes whist playing on the grass, or at least making sure your kids wash their feet afterwards in soapy water.  Contaminated food and water is another way of getting parasites.  Make sure you drink clean, fresh, filtered water.

Pin worm is easily visible in stools, and is the most common worm infection in Australian children.  Pinworm eggs become infectious within a few hours of being deposited on the skin.  They can survive up to 2 weeks on clothing, bedding and other objects.  People can become infected after accidentally swallowing Pinworm eggs from contaminated surfaces or foods.

It is definitely worth worming the whole family – if one member has parasites, sure enough the other members will have it as well.  There is Vitaklenz for Kidz and there is Vitaklenz for older children and adults.