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The Digest Well Kit includes:

  • Ultimate Enzymes
  • Marine Collagen
  • Plant-Based Zinc

Global Healing’s Ultimate Enzymes are a game changer when it comes to optimal digestive function.  Assisting you to digest heavy proteins, dairy, wheat, gluten etc and taking away discomfort in the process.

Ultimate Enzymes really hits the mark when it comes to doing well formed bowel movements!

Global Healing Zinc will assist in the integrity of the cell lining of the digestive tract, healing and strengthening intestinal tissue.

The Marine Collagen taken in a smoothie also helps to assist the gut lining, along side zinc, helping to heal ‘leaky’ gut and inflamed/irritated gut lining etc.

Together in the Digest Well Kit, these products bring down gut inflammation and heal the intestinal wall.  This in turn has an affect on the immune system and mood, as most serotonin is created in the gut.  And 70% of the immune system lies in the intestinal wall.

  • Ultimate Enzymes – 1-2 with each meal
  • Global Healing Zinc – 2 mils, 2 x full squirts in water anytime of the day
  • Marine Collagen – 1 desert spoon in a smoothie daily (tasteless)